When pacifists write newspapers

Chi Trib, page one today, heart-tugging if not -breaking story of Marine who can’t get out of corps to donate a kidney to his desperately ailing father:

"He gave me life," Drish said of his father.

As God’s instrument, some would say.  Never mind.  This is a war story after a pacifist’s heart.

Turning to page one of Metro section, you find another, Wheaton soldier killed in blast 26-year-old died hours after talking with his family.  It’s the horrors of war, never talk of gains against the enemy or heroism for love of country, as you find in work of embedded bloggers, even a cartoonist, today’s Mauldin.

A reader notes [to Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds] that while big-media journalists are thin on the ground in Iraq, the blogosphere has sent so many people that it's worked its way around to cartoonists . . . .

Elsewhere, we have Bill Ardolino, whose “citizen journalism” is on display here, in his “In Iraq Journal” story, “Insh'allah: A Nighttime Raid with the Iraqi Army.”  This is awesome stuff, as any Young Person would say, complete with pix of jubilant Iraqi soldiers after successful mission.  Why don’t we get stuff this good, on the spot, vivid, concrete, from our MainStreamers? 

(One reason is their anti-warrior mindset.  They dread glorifying combat, as they would put it, are deeply suspicious of U.S. intentions and performance, and THEY are calling the shots as to what we read and watch.) 

Later: Sun-Times, more alert than Trib to blogosphere, has story about ex-GI who has a book out based on his blogging soldiers’ comments from and about Iraq.

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