Tribune Moves Closer To a Corporate Rewrite - WSJ.com

The cavalry has not arrived:
"if this auction ends as many expect, Tribune will have to self-inflict the kinds of harsh changes that normally come from an outside buyer. That will mean even steeper cost cutting and asset sales." [uh-oh]
"Tribune's fate is all in the Chicago family. Sam Zell, a Windy City real-estate mogul, and the Chandlers are still circling Tribune, though any chance of either party making a successful offer is unlikely." [not new]
"one possibility is that the McCormick Tribune Foundation -- Tribune's second-largest shareholder behind the Chandler family -- would help buy out part of the Chandlers' stake in the company." [ditto]
On the other hand, "It is hard to see how buying up more newspaper stock is good for the McCormick Tribune Foundation. If most shareholders are trying to get out of the newspaper business, why wouldn't the McCormick Tribune Foundation want the same?" [uh-oh]
Thus Sarah Ellison at Wall St. Jnl.

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Anonymous said...

I want to SPEAK. Where have all the journalists gone? I am a retired blue collar worker. The 2 major papers in Chicago want my stars (opinion) on their articles, yet they'll decide if more can be given. This makes me want to scream. After today, I swear, I will never buy another newspaper again. I'll get it from the garbage or wait til someone leaves one on a table. There are no good journalists around anymore anyway. Unless you read the very small papers that are free downtown on those corner boxes. I just don't work downtown and I moved to Michigan. Who the hell can pay that sales and real estate tax on a pension for petes sakes!