Greetings from the Hallmark candidate

What I like about O’Bama is, he’s so clean.  Me and Biden, another Democrat.  Where do the Democrats get these guys?  It was Gore, then Kerry, fringe characters both, now who?  Read Ann Coulter for the real scoop.  She discusses “Jonathan Livingston Obama” in her latest column, on the mark as usual, but unfairly picking fruit that hangs low on the campaign tree. 

His speeches are a run-on string of embarrassing, sophomoric Hallmark bromides.

In announcing his candidacy last week, Obama confirmed that he believes in "the basic decency of the American people." And let the chips fall where they may!

Obama forthrightly decried "a smallness of our politics" – deftly slipping a sword into the sides of the smallness-in-politics advocates. (To his credit, he somehow avoided saying, "My fellow Americans, size does matter.")

No fair.  We should leave the guy alone.  Basic decency, smaller is better: it’s what the people want to hear in Iowa.  It’s what Mayordaley II wants to hear, assuming it means prosecutor Fitzgerald is put to pasture.  Whatever.

One must add this from The Coulter:

Obama has locked up the Hollywood money. Even Miss America has endorsed Obama. (John "Two Americas" Edwards is still hoping for the other Miss America to endorse him.)

She’s listening:

I can't wait for Obama's inaugural address when he reveals that he loves long walks in the rain, sunsets, and fresh-baked cookies shaped like puppies.

As for where Dems (libs) get these guys, Coulter is worried:

Maybe they're just running out of greeting card inscriptions.

That would be a shame.

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