Smart guy

Today’s by Rick Telander in S-T is quite good.  It’s about how Peyton Manning outsmarted the Bears, thinking all the way, changing plays as he called them, based on how Bears defenders were lined up.  He analyzed what happened on that 2nd-quarter (ck) pass that I could have caught and scored on, so wildly had Bears pass defense lost its way:

'They were in two different defenses on that,'' he said. ''No question. They were in cover-2, and one safety was in man.''


''No question.''

Excellent interview and overall column.  Question persists: are Bears smart?  Is Bears management imaginative enough to move them all the way?  Smart enough to get to 2nd-best, which is smarter than all but one.  But can you imagine Rex G. running things the way Manning did?  He’s not that smart, for starters.

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