Soft lede murders story, reader interest, read all about it

Rozek and Warmbir give us a marvelous lede in early-on story played big in today’s Sun-Times, invoking a well-known name:

Karolin Khooshabeh worked hard to bring her stepsister's family from Iran to Chicago, filling out paperwork and giving them money so they could start a new life.

Hey, anything has to do with the Khooshabeh family, I want to know about.  This is a murder story, however, in West Rogers Park, and a hammer murder at that.  And those two, or their insipid editors, dangle the Khooshabehs before us, here from Iran, which is better known for mullahs and nuclear weapons programs, but what the hey?  When your short-staffed, you go for daylight wherever it appears.

So West Rogers is only second-‘graf stuff, and in any case we have here a leisurely approach to a hammer murder in a white Chicago neighborhood, where it’s not a cheap story.  Pardon the italics, but sometimes I can’t help it.

Third ‘graf has the nub, all we need to know: “three beaten to death in a bizarre triple homicide,” which is a head, actually, right under the dreadful thumb-sucking editors’ eyes.

Otherwise, S-T this morning is full of extreme-nothing stuff.  Mark Brown gives us an easy-going warmed-over Chicago campaign story about an aldermanic challenger — “Alderman's challenger stumped by the case of the missing mail,” which should read “yet another alderman’s challenger,” etc.

“Curious,” with “an active imagination,” Brown can’t help wondering, etc. about 10,000 pieces lost at the post office.  I’m curious too, and Brown has steady work for people who like his approach, but there are mornings when I would like to be punched a little with a strong notion of absurdity.  I mean I’d like the copy punched up, not myself.  I am punchy enough already.

Not until we go to columns and reviews does S-T manifest even a smidgeon of inspiration on this Sunday.  Ann Coulter is slam-banged in a review of one of her books and two others who slam her [no link to be found] — finally she gets banner treatment, after all these years of also-mention “ick” boxed items about her latest.  George Will has something good about Guiliani as telling us something new about the Republican base.  Opinion journalism not disguised as news story, that’s where it’s at these days.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Khooshabeh family, reminds me that an "interesting" new after hours place in bland and blander Bridgeview, IL, turns out NOT to be an alternative-to- Starbucks java joint, but a HOOKAH PARLOR! And it's not even West Rogers Park! But then Bridgeview hasn't had a triple hammar murder either, yet.