Sweet spot no, Telander's amen

Lynn Sweet in “S.C. round goes to Clinton” dissects the process of hiring a “consultant” in S. Carolina, giving us inside-baseball stuff that newsies hash out over drinks.  But the story is that the consultant, a state senator and pastor of a 10,000–member megachurch, endorsed Hillary after she hired him at $10,000 a month.  This is the story in South Carolina, and it should be the story in Chicago.

[Later: It was the story in NYC too.  What gives with Sweet, to ignore the main thing for the sake of some back and forth about pols’ negotiating?]

Same paper, Rick Telander excommunicates former all-star NBA player Tim Hardaway from his Church of the Open Mind — honored in his Sunday column in which he objects strenuously to Christianity in the locker room.  “The world has not stopped” since the former NFL commissioner embraced his lesbian daughter and contributed to the death of “knee-jerk prejudice” vs. gays, he writes today in “Sport has heard the voice of hate.”  As for being naked in the locker room with a homosexual man, Telander has the answer: “He can wear a towel.”  Do knees jerk always in the same direction?

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