Two sources

Turning to one of my most trusted sources of news, Power Line, this a.m., I find this, which announces or discusses the distinct possibility that Al Queda is a goner in Iraq.

Unavoidably glancing at one of my least trusted sources, Chi Trib, I find on front page this propaganda from La Raza telling me to pity the poor immigrant:

Throwaway lives: While fewer Americans are killed on the job, that's not so for Latinos. [with bit front-page color pic and caption:] Antonio Cabrera shattered his leg.

I know this story is long and involved and dishonest and tear-jerker — a weeper — and so I hold off reading it until I have composed myself with worship of the God of my choice in the church of same.  More later.

Later: It’s long if you consider there’s more to come, which there is: “Monday: The cost of being injured,” says my hard copy.

It’s not involved; in fact, my head is sore from being hit with the same simple story: illegals know they are outside the law and so do not get medical care they need.  So do employers who put them to work doing what “none of us want to do,” to quote the mantra in support of ignoring their illegality. 

As for dishonesty, the story has no context, and writers dishonestly write without reference to the political position they are shamelessly shoring up, namely that our immigration laws suck. 

As for the weeper factor, my tears go for the journalism involved for reasons just given.  What they are doing in that regard speaks so loudly, I cannot work up an appropriate response to the plight of the poor devils getting hurt on the job.

It’s a variation of the Oscar Wilde response to a pathetic scene in The Old Curiosity Shop, at which he remarked memorably:

One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing.

Maybe mind of mush in this case.

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