Fw: Show them you won't stand for it

Something big there is that may have been reported (highlighted) already: Mayordaley II has the unions mad at him!  Once upon a time, they organized, now they do street theater.  Email from CFL, in part:
..............Subject: Show them you won't stand for it


Dear -- , 


Today three separate groups held three events, and tomorrow features a whole day of activity by different groups.  Join Living Wage supporters for any or all of these as we keep the energy high all day long!  

5am - Sunrise Prayer Service outside City Hall 

8am - Rally at City Hall, 2nd Floor 

10am - City Council Meeting Starts 

11:30am - Lunchtime Rally, 2nd Floor City Hall 

***Press Conference immediately after the override vote*** 

4:30 pm - After work action at the Thompson Center plaza across from City Hall 


Mayor Daley and a few flip-floppers are going to try and steal our living wage tomorrow, but they're going to have a hard time explaining themselves in the February elections. Let's keep the energy high all day so they know we aren't going to take it!



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