Mark B. says no to Stroger, Hyde is on mark, etc.

* Mark Brown to the fore with his Petraica endorsement plus Abdon Pallasch hard hitting (again) on county corruption are notable, especially this from Brown:

- ". . . the notion that you would bring in a man's son to reform his father's government is ridiculous, especially after the son has been installed in this position by his father's political friends."

- “I don't care what Todd Stroger says about his intentions. He's not going to make fundamental changes in county government.”

- “I never tried to tell you this was an easy choice.”

For Dems, that is.

* Henry Hyde has it succinctly: "[T]he press seems more involved in issues rather than standing back and being reportorial."

* Chi Trib scores again! Polygamy in Utah! Front page exclusive! How many readers were dying to hear of it!

* St. Edmund church bulletin announces Vigil for Life Saturday 10/7, when after noon mass at Our Lady of Pompeii, 1224 W. Lexington, a prayer procession will head for the abortion clinic at 659 W. Wash. Suspicion here is that no other parish bulletin in OP has this announcement, would be glad to be proven wrong.

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