Case of the shocked mugger

S-T ran an AP story the other day about a 57-year-old wheelchair-rider in Harlem who nailed the aggressor.  Wondering how often handgun ownership leads to such an admirable conclusion, vs. the times we read more about when guns shoot people by accident, I found a blog that keeps track of self-defending use, "Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog: Where Clayton Cramer and Pete Drum keep track of civilians using guns in self-defense."  In it I found another version of the Harlem self-defense story from Newsday that has the woman on a "motorized scooter" and offers considerably more detail than S-T/AP had:
Margaret Johnson, a 57-year-old licensed gun owner, was looking to fire her weapon, but it was supposed to be at a firing range, police said.

She left her home with plans to go to the range. Instead, she was confronted from behind by Deron Johnson, no relation, police said.
The suspect [perp?] has nine previous arrests, police said. State records show he served eight years in prison for a drug conviction and was released in February 2003.
One of life's losers ran athwart one of its winners.

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