Rebutting S-T poll showing Baby Todd way ahead in the Cook County board presidency race, the Peraica campaign asks whether the "'pollster' surveyed Cook County, Minnesota, rather than Cook County, Illinois." 
What the man does NOT say is that the Minnesota Cook has a (not) very strange referendum in the works to change its name if Baby Todd wins. 
How do I know that?  I just know, that's all.  Having the only vote that counts on this blog, I can do anything I want.  Take that, Ald. Beaver!

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Vote Democratic! said...

Peraica has done nothing except be an obstructionists on the Cook County Board of Commissioners. He hasn't sincerely been interested in any constructive dialogue because that would have hindered his own political agenda, which has always been to run for President of the County Board. How can anyone take his rhetoric seriously?