Show it, don't blow it

Reader M. tells all:

I just phoned the local ABC-TV affiliate in Chicago (after e-mailing to the network), and the lovely African-American lady logging the phone calls said it was "refreshing" to get ONE who wanted the "Path to 9/11" to be shown!

I asked what the complaint was by the majority, and she said "They called it a pack of lies." She said she was going to watch it, and said she wanted to tell them, "Just change the channel if you don't like it!"

If Disney censors its property, for the Party NOT in power, it will show how dangerous the Libs will be the next time around if they get power.

Most Chicagoans are apparently sitting back thinking the network won't buckle, but I'm wondering. How disappointing for the producers if the guys in suits do a hatchet job on it. The new version: Bill Clinton ends up in mortal combat with Osama and actually SLAYS him!  A truly happy ending.


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