Under the rubble

Documents found since Zarqawi took on room temperature 

stressed the need to manipulate Moslem and Western media. This was to be done by starting rumors of American atrocities, and feeding the media plausible supporting material. Al Qaeda's attitude was that if they could not win in reality, they could at least win imaginary battles via the media.

They know how to win hearts and minds.  Rush Limbaugh has taken to calling AP “al-AP.”  It’s full of useful idiots, or so the Big Z and friends thought.  There’s more.

In this morning's New York Post, Ralph Peters writes on "Terrorist Defeatism." Drawing on captured al Qaeda documents, Peters exposes the closely-guarded secret (closely guarded by the western media, anyway) that we are winning in Iraq, where al Qaeda says its situation is "bleak." And that was before its leader was killed, and nearly 1,000 more killed or rounded up.

The Dems are looking like toast in November.  Viva Bush & Rumsfeld.

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