Ban that eatable!

Chi alderman Ed Burke, the city's "most powerful," has his gimlet eye fixed now on what?  FATTY FOODS!  This be the never-far-from-irritated Burke who on leaving a Loop building was irritated by smoke from smokers on SIDEWALK near its doorway and immediately proposed a ban on smoking near doorways!  Foie gras has bitten the dust, as we know, banned in Chicago, that important foie gras profit center.  Now for "fatty, fried fast food," which Alderman Mother wants to limit as preliminary gesture:
Finance Committee Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th) has an ordinance pending that would ban Chicago grocers from selling meat treated with carbon monoxide to make it look pink and more appetizing.
Burke said it "might be a good jumping off point" to target french fries and other fast food that's cooked in artery-clogging oil and food that's processed or loaded with additives and preservatives.
Fact is, Burke, "who pumps out more consumer-oriented ordinances than any other alderman," is a regular Carrie Nation in this fat-saturated and otherwise self-endangering city,  Thanks much to his leadership, the city council has delivered or proposed delivery on these "big ideas," says Sun-Times:
• Ban the sale of foie gras (passed) • Ban cell phone use while driving (passed) • Force Chicago cabdrivers to wear uniforms (proposed) • Establish a 10-minute limit on outdoor dog barking (proposed)  [Ed.: Make it one minute] Set a two-hour time limit on dog tethering (proposed) • Impound ice cream trucks that play music after 7 p.m. (proposed) • Ban parasailing and restrict skateboarding and in-line skating (proposed) • Require horses pulling carriages to wear diapers (proposed)
Who says this city ain't ready for reform?

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