Strange, dear, but true, dear

Daily Kos, a left-leaning blog, commenting on the Zarqawi hit:

“Where is Osama? Where are the batillions [sic] of trained Iraqis? Doesn’t matter, we got this guy, right? We wrote a 25 million check as a reward, and get a new headline to bump off Haditha.”

Wow.  For him the big news is Haditha.  U.S. perfidy trumps victory, which he defines as “making a peaceful nation in a land fractured by ethnicity and then war.”

Don't get me wrong Zarqawi is a great catch.  And I hope beyond my cynicism that this symbolic victory will do something on the street in Iraq.  But let's make sure we have a plan for when it turns out, this guy wasn't the be all and end all of our Iraq problems.

Let’s have a well-laid plan, even if the best-laid ones gang aft agley.  (We don’t care!)  Another trademark of the fussbudget left: The plan’s the thing.

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