Ozzie and the new f-word

Mike Downey of Chi Trib wakes up some mornings and thinks White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen “is going to be the one [between him and loser Baker of Cubs] who gets fired or quits.” 

Eh?  He should have more wholesome thoughts on arising.  O-Z quit?  Won’t happen, say I, whose sports column has been running in his head for 60–plus years.  Gets fired?  Please.  Why?  Because Rick Garcia of the local gay anti-defamation league writes a letter?  How many World Series has Rick Garcia won?

The flap is about Ozzie G. calling Sun-Times columnist Mariotti a fag.  If he had said dastardly cad, would that have done it?  I don’t think so, regardless of M’s sex orientation, which I do not think is the issue nor do I have any interest in. 

But while Downey’s at it, why not predict Mariotti’s quitting or being fired?  He was rusticated once some years back by the Sun-Times for I don’t know what reason.  (I’ll bet Downey knows.)  And he is (a) ridiculously untrustworthy as to predictions of failure for ChiSox, (b) driven on daily basis to report sensationally what’s wrong with everything (waking up, he has very unwholesome thoughts), and (c) apparently a dastardly cad.  That should do it for getting fired.

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