Nothing succeeds like succession

The insurgent — and surging, at least in newspaper coverage — Tony Peraica makes a good point in his latest (12:42 p.m.) release about his defeated resolution calling not only for “public hearings and the subpoenas for medial [sic] records and testimony from medial [sic] experts” but also a “clause establishing a process for the temporary replacement of the County Board President, to be modeled after the U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment.”

“[S]hould the evidence adduced at such meeting suggest that the President and 4th District Commissioner [the ailing Stroger] has a present temporary disability which is likely to cease prior to December 4, 2006 [when the new president will be sworn in], this Board's presiding officer (or acting presiding officer) shall request that the State's Attorney of Cook County draft an ordinance for this Board's consideration modeled after the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article V., Section 6 (b) of the Illinois Constitution providing for a process for the temporary replacement of a Cook County Board President or Cook County Commissioner during such time as that officer is temporarily unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

This “would not only have put the Board on track to ending this current crisis, but it would have ensured that the voters and tax payers of Cook County would never again have to wonder, ‘Who's in charge of Cook County government?’”

As matters stand, they don’t.

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