Wuxtry! Not!

Start off each day with a song, Jimmy Durante told us long ago. Begin blithely, blithely, as one of my favorite blogs would have it. Yesterday the blitheness came unexpected. (It’s the best kind.) There on p. 12 of Sun-Times was a short AP piece about Bush’s popularity going up, reaching highest since last summer. Suddenly, last summer? No, suddenly this winter, he is doing better – five points better in a month! Fancy that!

He’s up to 42%, having gotten energetic in pushing his handling of Iraq and the economy, per an AP-Ipsos poll. In November he had 37% approval, this month 42%. Wow. His new aggressiveness is working. Wuxtry, wuxtry, read all about it. On p. 12 of S-T, six inches under a 4x4 pic, BUT NOT AT ALL IN CHI TRIB! Fancy that!

Whence the blitheness? Not from the news itself, of which I’d had glimmers thanks to Fox News (fair & balanced, you decide), but from the renewed realization of the thoroughly laugh-producing conclusion that Bad News papers can’t handle the truth, to use the Jack Nicholson phrase, or at least don’t think their readers can. And some of them can’t!

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