Privacy Hypocrites [Pow!]

Michelle Malkin has this right: 

Allow me to sum up the homeland security strategy of America's do-nothing brigade, led by the armchair generals at The New York Times and ACLU headquarters:

First, bar law enforcement at all levels from taking race, ethnicity, national origin and religion into account when assessing radical Islamic terror threats. (But continue to allow the use of those factors to ensure "diversity" in public-college admissions, contracting, and police- and fire-department hiring.)  [Pow!]

Second, institute the "Eenie-meenie-miny-moe" random-search program at all subways, railways and bus stations. [Pow!]

Third, open the borders, sabotage all immigration enforcement efforts and scream "Racist" at any law-abiding American who protests. [Pow!]

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