Times, they are a'changing

Sun-Times and NYTimes circulation drops recently reported — 21 percent drop in average weekday circulation for six months ended in March 2005 for S-T, “sharp” 4th-quarter earnings drop for NYT [see: http://www.imediaconnection.com/news/7670.asp] — relate to online competition.

“Advertisers are following consumers online,” says Shawn Riegsecker, president, Centro, a local advertising buying service specializing in online advertising with “over 1,300 local sites encompassing online newspapers, TV and radio sites, alternative weeklies and business publications,” says Imedia Connection — http://www.imediaconnection.com/news/7379.asp.

“That's why,” says Riegsecker, “this is less about . . . bad news [about] newspapers, and more about which newspapers will begin to assert [put] their premium brands online - and how quickly and strategically they'll do it."

In other words, they should get on-line or get lost.

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