The Montana story, yes!

Chi Trib big page one head with beaucoups de pix, 30 head shots of the kind they run of U.S. military casualities hits the breakfast-table and strap-hanger reader this morning smack dab in the eyeballs— hot, HOT news about World War I (One!) civil liberties violations in MONTANA!  “JAILED FOR THEIR WORDS: A law passed during World War I pitched Montanans into prison for critical remarks; law students are seeking clemency for them”  Wuxtry, wuxtry is right.  Wow.

Go to page 18 for rest of hard-copy story and see new head, “SPEECH; Patriot Act is like sedition laws, some say,” and it all becomes clear: agenda alert! agenda alert! Left-wing, pseudo-liberal, anti-war bias!  Left-wing, pseudo-liberal, anti-war bias!  (The Trib web site buries this story, by the way.)

But wait.  Maurice Possley, writer of all 1,493 words of this story, not counting generous captions under nine page-18 pix, helped edit a book on the subject during a sabbatical-teaching stint two years ago at U. of Montana.  And he had this in the bottom drawer for a while, and many are on vacation during these CHRISTMAS holidays, so what the hay, goose this story.

The really grand thing is, it fit the zeitgeist embraced by apparently most Chi Trib editors and writers perfectly, namely left-wing, pseudo-liberal, antiwar . . .  But wait.  Said that already, didn’t I?

Same day’s hard-copy Trib has Charles M. Madigan trying to get something going on “national health care”! Yes, but we call it Hillary-care where we come from, and recall it bombing a few years back for lack of political support.  We expect the Madigan treatment to be even-handed, of course, like his Sunday Perspective section.  And that last calls, I fear, for Irony Alert!  Irony Alert!

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