Trice-fooled, again

Once more into the breach, my friends, regarding Chi Trib’s Dawn T. Trice’s "From any angle, racial profiling is still wrong" of 12/10/05, this time as to her admitting she "might make snap judgments" about who’s a threat, but the government shouldn't, because "theoretically, it has to be far more judicious because the stakes are too high."

Apart from the redundancy – "theoretically, it has to be" – she has her straw man at the ready with "snap judgments," as if she has shown that most terrorists are not Arab or Muslim. She also seems to concede the value of quick decisions when personally threatened. (I hope she does.) That’s on a lonely dark street, for instance, where we have ourselves and those with us to protect. For the government it’s thousands, even millions, to protect.

The stakes are too high, all right.

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Jim Bowman said...

Reader D: When the president takes his oath of office, does he vow to protect the United States of America from foes both foreign and domestic or vow to make us admired by the rest of the world, sort of the way they appreciate Father Christmas? I'll vote for the cowboy every time.