White firefighters story!

Sun-Times to the rescue: Sunday’s paper has “City owes white firefighters $3.7 million, jury says” on p. 10, front section, giving it more, if later, coverage than Chi Trib, as noted here yesterday.  It’s for “emotional distress to six white firefighters denied promotions 20 years ago,” which is a case of wheels of justice grinding slowly, to be sure.  The city threw out test results that showed not enough blacks winning promotions.

The argument in such a case is that if blacks don’t win their supposed fair share, there’s something wrong with the tests, as if there’s something wrong with starting assignments among the Chicago Bears linemen because not enough whites win them.

That’s-no-sow’s-ear-it’s-a-silk-purse dept: Chi Trib announcing demise of its WomanNews [sic] section with “Starting Wednesday, Jan. 4, WomanNews [sic] moves to Tempo, making Chicago’s favorite [sic] daily features section even better” on Tempo p. 1, 12/14/05.  I do believe WomanNews was discontinued as a section and some people were fired, but this makes that move a simple gain for Tempo.  Presto.

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