Sad fact about Sadr story

Baghdad’s Sadr City neighborhood is a success story that most U.S. papers have ignored but not one Chicago paper, to go by Google, as reported by James Taranto in his “Best of the Web” Opinion [Wall St.] Journal yesterday.  The envelope, please:

A Google News search--which is wide-ranging but not comprehensive--turned up only two newspapers that have published the Sadr City story: the Chicago Sun-Times and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The story is not terribly time-sensitive, so let us hope that other papers will pick it up.

Attention, Chi Trib: There’s still time.  Sadr City is where Ma Sheehan’s son was killed, by the way. 


Meanwhile, Trib’s Jan. C. Greenberg and N. Bendavid remain hot on the trail of nominee Jn Roberts’s indiscretions.  Yesterday’s was his memo-ing White House superiors in 1984 that legislating equal pay for women is a gloss on a Marxist credo — he applied it neatly: “From each according to his ability, to each according to her gender.”  He was for the market, in other words, but that will cob leftists coast to coast.

The Greenberg-Bendavid treatment, by the way, far outscored the better focused, more tightly written Tom Brune account in Trib-owned [Long Island] Newsday.  Brune, once of the Sun-Times, boiled it down to 485 words vs. G-B’s 1,385!  Oh the joys of a broadsheet!  You don’t have to make words count!

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