Married Catholic priest a-coming

What a religion story in Sun-Times about married ex-Methodist pastor being accepted into St. Mary of the Lake seminary, Mundelein!  Sponsored by what bishop, we are not told.  He made his first contact with bp of Gary, currently has church-related job in Ft. Wayne.  But he has to have a sponsoring jurisdiction, and otherwise very good account by Monifa Thomas, accompanied by pic of him with wife and three of their five kids, does not tell us what.

On Father’s Day, #2 Son and I strolled in Uke Village and chatted up one of the four (4!) full-fledged Catholic priests stationed at the golden-domed structure just south of Chi Ave., block or so east of Western.  Good conversation which finally he had to end.  Had to get home to his kids, who had not seen him yet that day, which had begun for him 6 a.m.  Fully Catholic, I say, Ukrainian rite.  There’s not a Methodist rite, however; I’m dying to know for what diocese this already-Rev. Mark Kurowski will be ordained.


Same paper has badly chosen front-page color shot of J. Jackson Sr. wiping away a tear at the bier of publishing pioneer John H. Johnson, who ran an honest business that helped change the face of blacks in this country, beginning when it was respectable to say “colored” or “Negro.”  As opposed to Rev. J. Jetstream, the master of spin and co-architect of “African American” as preferred term and subject of the devastating Shakedown: exposing the real Jesse Jackson (Regnery, 2002) and a 1975 critical but largely squelched book by an ex-Trib writer who worked once for Johnson, Barbara Reynolds, Jesse Jackson, the Man, the Movement, the Myth.  Come on, S-T editors, get with it.


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MySpiritualAdvisor.com said...

Hello, the bishop who is sponsoring me is the Most Rev. Dale Melczek.

May God bless you.

Mark Kurowski