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The problem conservative critics have with modern news media is the same problem conservative critics have always had with news media. It's not just that they despise liberals. They do. But I think the whole liberal thing is a ruse. What they really dislike is journalism. Pick your critic. -- Charles M. Madigan, Chicago Tribune, July 12, 2005 (Try this one, please. -- Jim Bowman)

Th-th-th-that’s not all, folks.  It’s the new top-of-page identifying slogan for Chicago Newspapers: The Blog, newly renamed, as you may notice. 

Now a look at Chi Trib-Sun-Times comparisons and contrasts, recently alluded to in 8/11 comment about “the program of turning the Sun-Times into a newspaper of columns and not much else.” 

To this shot came reply from another reader, a veteran retired newsie (VRN), who says Sun-Times is out-staffed by the Trib “by at least 2 to 1, and everybody has at least two jobs.” 

This VRN recalls a Trib editorial staff in the late 80s of 495 souls, “most of these . . . master's degree J-School grads” for whom “being a reporter meant working [merely] 9-to-5.” 

Meanwhile, S-T people who rejected juicy Trib offers to ‘come across the street’" were  “pros and [still are and] their product shows it.” 

It’s stuff like this that makes horse races, of course. 

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