If it isn't one thing, it's another

Heather Mac Donald pinpoints “the opinion elite's hysteria and hypocrisy regarding anything that can be called ‘profiling’” in a Natl Review Online commentary on Wash Post’s Colbert King on Wash Post’s Krauthammer on how to nab a terrorist.

“The outcry over ‘profiling’ in the defense against Islamic terror is the culmination of a decades-long war against the police,” says she, who is based in NYC and writes a lot about police. 

The fundamental premise of that war is that racism lurks beneath most law-enforcement actions. Thus, any time the police try to categorize people to solve or prevent crime, they are doing so out of bigotry,

Random checks in NYC are “reflexive and idiotic,” said Charles Krauthammer, because they ignore “overwhelming odds” that the terrorist is a young Muslim man with origins in the worldwide “Islamic belt.”  It’s more than odds-ignoring, says Mac Donald; it’s tautological, because it’s Muslim terrorists we are worried about.

Muslims are the ones with ideology and expressed aims in the matter, we might add.  PETA stinks but is not our main concern, though who knows what’s coming.  Mac Donald has more on this, q.v.


Chi Trib “Daywatch” has this for its lead item:

GRIEVING MOM'S PROTEST. What began as a seemingly quixotic personal
mission for a woman whose GI son died in Iraq has become something of
a phenomenon:

Which jibes too easily with this complaint at C-Log: Conservative Web Log by Monica Crowley:

Whoever said there are always two sides to every story-- must not have been talking about national coverage of the war in Iraq.

Turn on the television these days-- and you might get the impression that "everyone" in America is against what our military is doing over there...

Whether it’s the mom who lost a son in Iraq... now camped out in Crawford Texas... demanding a meeting with President Bush or the group of so-called "raging grannies" who are joining in protest-- calling for an immediate pull-out from Iraq.

The national media is quick to show us these colorful examples of people protesting the war.

For what’s missing, look to local newspapers, she says, quoting a gold-star mother in Warren County OH:  “Justin gave his life for the Iraqi people. He knew that was the price he might have to pay, and I stand behind him 100 percent.”

As for the grieving mom with all the coverage, her family has emailed Drudge saying she “appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation” and saying they do not agree with her “political motivations and publicity tactics.”  That’s from the son’s “grandparents, aunts, uncles and numerous cousins.”  Let us see how that plays out in (Chi) Trib company’s LA Times — whence the “grieving Mom” story headlined by Daywatch — and other mainstreamers.

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cal skinner said...

You should have heard my neice, the late-20-something nurse at the Veterans Hospital in Milwaukee, take on someone who said we ought to abandon Iraq immediately. She talked loudly about the 23-year-old guy who just lost his leg there, but wanted to return.