Half full vs. half empty

Here’s a tale of two cities’ newspapers:  In Wash Times we read this head-plus-lede graf about Iraqi constitution:

Many hurdles ahead for Iraqi constitution
By David R. Sands
Published August 30, 2005

Iraq's draft constitution faces a tricky but not impassable road to ratification in an Oct. 15 referendum that is seen as critical to the country's political future and to the U.S. military mission.

Chi Trib did it this way:

Charter finished without Sunni OK
Shiites, Kurds risk rejection by voters

By Alex Rodriguez
Tribune foreign correspondent
Published August 29, 2005

BAGHDAD -- Iraqi lawmakers finished drafting their country's new constitution Sunday, ending a rancorous process that laid bare sectarian divisiveness impeding the country as it tries to forge a new democracy.

Do I detect a little pessimism here?  “Tricky but not impassable road to ratification” vs. “rancorous process that laid bare sectarian divisiveness”?  Which paper leans toward the dark side of the story?

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