Poop scoops

Claypool making noises:

Commissioner Forrest Claypool, who lost the Democratic primary to John Stroger, said letting ward bosses decide who's [on] the ballot shows "a remarkable, almost breathtaking contempt for the voters and taxpayers of Cook County."

Beavers too:

Asked Monday, [Ald.] Beavers quickly denied there was anything misleading, saying "oh, hell no," before calling Orr a "little poop butt."

"What does he care?" he asked.


Orr said his office still hasn't received a signed and notarized "withdrawal of candidacy" form needed to remove Stroger's name from the ballot.

That's adding confusion to a situation that has been confusing from the start, causing Orr to call it all "very embarrassing" and "bush-league political stuff."

And Danny our boy, beloved of some goo-goo libs for no apparent reason:

Davis said he's fighting "the wheeling and dealing" the Stroger camp has been engaged in since John Stroger suffered the stroke.

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Wayne A. Thorp, CFA said...

Forrest Claypool is a hypocrite of the first order. He too is showing disregard for the voters of his district, as he has declared his re-election at his Web site. However, all he did was win the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for 12th District Commissioner in the November election. There is a significant difference between winning the primary and winning the general election.