Michael of The Reader

Michael Miner this week on the Trib-LATimes deal veering now towards dissolution and even a sort of catastrophe is the sort of thing Miner has been doing in Chicago Reader for a long time.  It’s about time he was crowned king of Chicago media critics.  Consider it done by this come-lately, who would say this, he swears, even if Miner had not given him an excellent write-up some time back for his (my) pre-blog Blithe Spirit.

That write-up, by the way, made its way to the Midwest Jesuit archives in St. Louis, the later Brother Mike Grace, SJ, who was at Loyola U. library for many years, told me.  It had covered my Jesuit experience as encouraging, even demanding, writing down one’s great and near-great thoughts.  Mike Grace sent it on to St. Louis. 

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