Petraica hops on it

Here’s the Democrat-Stroger business in a nutshell, in today’s S-T:

Enough is Enough... It's Time for Reform

"Here's the most brazen and outrageous thing about the powerbrokers who are orchestrating the coronation of Ald. Todd Stroger to his father's seat as Cook County Board president: They're not even pretending they have the public's interest at heart. Instead, it's all about quid pro quos, tit-for-tats and raw me-first politics, without even an insincere wink at good government. They are arrogant and unafraid, because they think the voters can't or won't do anything to stop them. When will voters decide enough is enough?"
--Chicago Sun-Times, 7/16/06

And yes, that’s Tony Petraica’s picture.  Smart money is on T. Stroger, I hear, but his press releases give way to no man.

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Anonymous said...

My committeeman says it is a struggle between the South Side blacks and the West Side blacks. Each thinks it should have the power...i.e. the patronage. Galen