Chicago lost in shuffle

Dennis Byrne explains it all to GW Bush.  In today’s RealPolitics.com, he has “Save Patrick Fitzgerald,” in which he notes this man’s recognition factor nationally as in the Plame Leak investigation and World Trade Center cases (the first one, when we luxuriated in the criminal-case phase of our invasion by Islamo-Fascists) but statewide as putter-away of George Ryan, Mayordaley II apparatchiks, and others. 

It’s the second venue that Byrne wants to tell GW about, especially since he seemed surprised at a Chi reporter’s question, Was he going to reappoint Prosecutor Patrick?  The man is not being apprised of our state and local situation and instead goes local with Daley at his birthday dinner.  He should go local with people disliked or at least not recommended by Kjellander, the Illinois fixer whom Rove seems to consider very important.  More than Prosecutor Patrick, whom Byrne would like to see saved.

This stuff from Byrne goes a bit of the way to filling a huge gap in right field national blogospheric coverage where Chicago should be.  We do not get our fair share of same.  The big blogging guys rarely cite Chi Trib or Sun-Times.  Left or right, it’s the coasts, stupid, when it comes to keeping us informed.  Face it, Chicagoans, Cook Countians, Collar Countians, we are generally dissed by bloggers nationally.  RealPolitics. com seeks to repair the omission with Byrne’s stuff.

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