Beavers an original

Second or third reading of the remarkable “poop butt” comment by Ald. Wm. Beavers, who says he speaks for the Stroger family or camp, when he alluded to county clerk David Orr, who has elections as his official concern, leads to noting his "What does he [Orr] care?" comment.  This was Beavers exposing himself as having not the slightest idea of the abstraction known as the rule of law. 

If Orr is not directly involved in the fight for money and power at the county board, Beavers seems to say, then why is he saying anything?  It goes with an earlier statement on TV by Beavers, for which I cannot find a link, “We can do anything we want” — this as to whether they keep the missing Stroger on or off the ballot, in or out of office, and put son Todd Stroger on or in. 

It’s as if he’s utterly missing the elementary powers of abstraction that divide material self-interest from respect for law or even propriety.  He’s not the only one, to be sure, but he’s the clearest on the point.

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