Never let it be said that Mayor Daley is lost for words.  Chi Trib's Kass put a microphone in his face and asked him if Forrest Claypool, candidate in this month's primary for Cook County board president, seeking to replace John Stroger, is a reformer, as he is being greeted by lib Dems in Oak Park and elsewhere.  The mayor said:
"He worked very hard as [Daley's] chief of staff. He worked very hard at the Park District [where he was superintendent]. I am supporting John Stroger. I am not negative about anyone."
Mayor, is Claypool a reformer?
"That would be up to him. I mean, everybody is a reformer. I think everybody is a reformer. I mean everybody is. Regardless of every life, you reform, you change. Some people don't drink anymore. Some do. Some smoke. Some don't smoke. We are all reformers. Everybody is a reformer."
Does this mean Chicago is ready for reform, as Alderman Bauler famously denied in 1955, the night Mayordaley I was elected mayor?

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