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FYI, here are the non-Jews who have not resigned from Gov Blag's hate-crimes commission over the Farrakhan-man flap, having apparently decided they can work with the top aide of a Jew-basher who won't distance herself from his [if not his, whose?] contumelious remarks.  If any are Jewish, I stand corrected:
Rev. Willie T. Barrow, Commission Chair
Chair of the Board, Emeritus, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Kimberly M. White, Executive Director
Governor’s Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes [staff]
Lisa Madigan
Attorney General, State of Illinois [oh?]
Honorable [sic] Robin Kelly
State Rep., District 38
Honorable [sic] Larry McKeon
State Rep., District 13
Honorable [sic] Carol Ronen
State Sen., District 7
Rev. H. Douglas Bankhead
Second Baptist Church
Ertharin Cousin
America’s Second Harvest
Rick Garcia
Equality Illinois
Denise Gordon
PCI Inc.
Sgt. Kelly Henby
Illinois State Police
Ernestine Jackson
City of Bloomington
Ann Lata P. Kalayil
South Asian American and Policy Research Institute
Shannon Sullivan
Coalition for Education on Sexual Orientation
Karen Lennon
Laura McAlpine
The Coalition for Education on Sexual Orientation
[Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad
Nation of Islam {top aide of Jew-basher}]
Gail Purkey
Illinois Federation of Teachers [!]
Gilberto, Romero Jr.
League of United Latin American Citizens
Sgt. Anthony J. Scalise
Chicago Police Department, Civil Rights Section [!]
Laura Thrall
YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago
Rev. Ronald Webb
Shiloah Baptist Church

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