Health, education, and Stroger

"Mediocre health care" trumpeted in S-T p. 6 yesterday, AP story out of Boston with one of those multifarious New Eng. Jnl of Med studies.  People don't get what they deserve!  But what commission decided what people deserve?  And mediocre compared to what?  That question never asked by Lemming Press, a.k.a. Mainstream Press, a.k.a. a la Rush Limbaugh Drive-by Press.  How is a drive-by shooting of smash-and-grab information like this not propaganda?
Meanwhile, you want health care?  Try Canada, where the "single-payer system" is "imploding," per Cafe Hayek: where new orders emerge and NYT.  Say wha'? 
[C]osts for the national and provincial governments are exploding and some cancer patients are waiting months for diagnostic tests and treatment.
What the . . . ?  Costs exploding, system imploding.  Almost as confusing as an AP story out of Boston about a New Eng. Jnl of Med study.
A U. of Chi study finds museums diversity-free these days.  Researchers bemoan the fact, one of them telling Sun-Times that kids may be busy "with soccer practices and everything else."  But one of the neighborhoods which go least to museums is Englewood, notable for its random fatal shootings of little girls.  Soccer practice has to be very low on what keeps Englewood kids away from museums, or I'm a monkey's uncle.
Cook County board president John Stroger, stricken with a stroke, was not taken to Stroger (Cook County) Hospital but to Rush, which has Stroger's records and specialized in neurological problems, said the MD spokesman.  Stroger (hospital) nurses were on hand at the press conf. to complain about it.  On the other hand, who in his right mind would go to Stroger (hospital) when he could go to Rush right next door?  Or some place else miles away, for that matter?  The board slapped Stroger's name on county hospital, but he wouldn't go there — rather, wasn’t taken there.  Can we blame him?  Them?

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