Feeling pain publicly

Never saw noosepaper and community so play into hands of elected officials as Sun-Times Sunday, with its weeper, "Englewood kids in the crossfire,"  and Chi Trib with its "LIVING IN WEST ENGLEWOOD: A family endures," about the fearful and the beleaguered in Englewood, and 500 people following Daley and Blago and ex-Black Panther Rush around in a compassion parade.  Blago talked gun control, Daley said (not kidding) "There is no excuse for anyone to take a gun and point it at a child or at a home in any community."
Does Blago think he can keep guns out of gangsters' hands with a new law?  And does Daley think there are people who defend pointing guns at children?  Do any of them see this as a law enforcement problem rather than an opportunity to make sad and serious while making political hay?

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