Off the Yids?

Such a day for Jews and cops in Chicago.  The former, excoriated by Minister [sic] Farrakhan, a.k.a. Calypso Louie, had to put up with one scheming governor and a condoning black state rep [wrong: senator] from Maywood who also represents part of Oak Park. 
The one cried the 1950s anti-anti-communist "guilt by association" as what motivates Jewish members of an anti-discrimination commission who resigned because another member is aide-de-camp to Minister [sic] F. and not only invited commission members to hear Louie excoriate Jews but did not denounce him, the gov talking as if she and Louie merely attended the same lodge or hung out together at the same barbershop.
"What I really enjoyed about the commission [when she was a member] is that it was unique, in that we were all different--different backgrounds, different religions, different geographical areas," Lightford said. "If all were alike, or the majority were alike, and you were evaluating an issue that took place, it would be all like minds."
Like all agreeing that you don't excoriate Jews at the United Center?  That would sure be a drag.  What a ditz.  Her Jewish constituents, not to mention Catholics, Protestants, and secular humanists who presumably object to Louie's tirades, have to love her.  She a stand-up girl.
Cops, meanwhile, find Alderwoman Madeline Haithcock still seeking to name a block or two after Fred Hampton, whose "off the pigs" comic books were a big seller among young bloods, one of whom lay in wait for two of them in 1969 and shotgunned them to death before being shot and killed by cops.  Yes, he was one of Fred's Black Panthers, Fred had to admit.  Two weeks later Fred was shot and killed by cops who may have been a bit leery of asking questions before shooting.
Minister Louie drew a full house to the United Center for his most recent excoriation of Jews.  It was "Saviour's Day" for his Nation of Islam.  He has a record of such effusions.  But Gov. Blago says so what?  Louie's "minister of protocol" belongs on his commission anyhow.  What, me worry?  He's not excoriating governors, is he?

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