Taylor Street that great street, Hillary C., Boggles, Skiles

1. Folks on Taylor Street knew George A. Prado, the Hispanic Dem Org official arrested yesterday for selling heroin, had a lot of money for a $62G-a-year city hoisting engineer -- he had offered Judith Pedraza $1.2 million for her place at Taylor and Bishop, driving up one day in his Mercedes -- but they thought he had won the lottery, Pedraza told Sun-Times.  Erroneously. 
2. ''Don't think that Hillary has the women's vote,'' a disgruntled California Democrat told Robert Novak.  ''I will never forgive her for sticking with her husband after he humiliated her. It's something I can't get over.''  http://www.suntimes.com/output/novak/cst-edt-novak09.html
3. Sun-Times letter writer Susan House's mind "boggles" at what coyotes could do for the city's rabbit-infested parks and thus wins an Items Usage Award for knowing that "boggle" is primarily intransitive and was solely that before being sloppily mongrelized by our orally fixated society, most of whose denizens read a book once but found it borrrring.  Her letter at http://www.suntimes.com/output/letters/cst-edt-vox09a.html is of a piece with her verbal acuity.
"The bunny problem in Millennium and other parks could be easily solved by a few resident coyotes," she begins.  Among possibilities at which the mind boggles she names "a reduction in garden-pilfering rabbits . . . painted Fiberglas coyotes in the parks [and] naming contests.  . . . If there is an Adopt-a-Coyote program, I'll be first in line," she adds, offering from her Edgewater residence an unusually literate bite to relish at breakfast table or while hanging from a Green Line strap.
4. L'affaire Skiles as in Scott, the recently renewed Bulls coach, ended like any good melodrama, with the main characters living happily ever after and the chorus saying silly things.  Scott, Jerry, and John have the good ship Bulls on its way (http://www.suntimes.com/output/bulls/cst-spt-bull09.html and http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/sns-ap-bkn-bulls-skiles,1,493486.story), and yippee for them who are restoring my interest if not my faith in NBA ball.  But the commentators, God love 'em, gave their last going-bananas shot with uproariously contradictory assessments.  On Michigan Avenue Sam Smith confidently adjudged Skiles to have come to his senses as Smith had said he should, in a column hubristically titled "Luckily, Skiles sees cliff, doesn't jump" (http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/columnists/cs-050607smith,1,1392498.column?coll=chi-sportscolumnist-hed), while at the Furniture Mart his mortal opponent Mariotti had Skiles staring down the normally unflappable Reinsdorf, in a column hubristically titled "Skiles brassy enough to make boss blink" (http://www.suntimes.com/output/mariotti/cst-spt-jay08.html).
The allegedly blinking boss was not amused, however,and did the actionable thing on a talk show, calling M-man a liar, as Chi Trib dutifully reported (http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/basketball/bulls/chi-0506090240jun09,1,520824.story), because he and Skiles had neither met face to face as M-man said nor haggled over contract in their telephone conversation as he also said.  That's what "[his] newspaper" told him, M. told Chi Trib -- without telling hundreds of thousands of readers, who read only of telephone talks in the above-linked news story, one must add.  However again, M. also said Reinsdorf will be hearing from M's lawyers.  This could be a case of "Reinsdorf lied, Mariotti died" of embarrassment?  Smith should write a column urging Mariotti not to go there?

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