Media Monitor - Journalism \Systems\ Go Critical - June 24, 2005

Sherie Gossett at Accuracy in Media (AIM), 6/24/05:

Veteran journalists are speaking out boldly and courageously [about bias and loss of credibility]. "No more conning the public," wrote award-winning journalist and author Bonnie M. Anderson in her groundbreaking book "Newsflash." "We must begin with honesty," she says. "...No more pretending to be fair and balanced when there is a political agenda."

May I add no more pretending to be sure about things that we can’t be sure of or that the writer is not sure of.  This is Journalism 101, I presume (never had the course); so I say what’s presumed taken for granted (for granite?).  But it’s at the heart of the bad-story problem, is it not?

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