Saving mayors Daley

"Mayor Daley Summerdale" registers zilch on Google News, about 30 on Google Web, beginning with a U. of Chicago Press site for the Royko compilation, One More Time, and ending with http://www.gamblingmagazine.com/articles/53/53-178.htm, site of a 1999 Gambling Magazine interview with the prolific and dogged and professionally expert Richard Lindberg. 
"Mayor Daley hired truck," on the other hand, gets 78 news references, which is no surprise.  Why compare?  In the vague suspicion that the incumbent Daley might look to his father's Summerdale, now a nothing as news but big (we might even say "huge") in its day and quelled as ruinous scandal by the father's appointment of OW Wilson as police superintendent.  Is the son that bold when it comes to a salvage operation?


cal skinner said...

Early Saturday morning I looked at the Tribune and saw the fawning article about the mayor. I searched for the article about Friday's Hired Truck plea and couldn't find it. (I did find it on-line.)

Maybe it was in the Chicago edition, but not my Northwest edition. I see a story about congressional candidate McSweeney that certainly would not have run in Chicago

Jim Bowman said...

Today's Trib delivered to Oak Park had the McSweeney story, with his saying Bean plays two sides of fence.

As for the Hired Truck plea, it's in the "Among mayors, Daley king" story on p. 1 starting in 4th graf. This is called the Near West edition.