Crimestopper Rudy

Having asked how much safer Chi streets would be if Chi Trib devoted as much ink and space to crime-problem solutions as to legal-system abuses (see below), I must alert readers to John Leo’s 6/12 column in which he talks up Rudy Giuliani as crime-stopper:

Giuliani successfully assaulted, though he could not completely defeat, the intractable reactionary liberalism that brought New York City to its knees. Before he was elected in 1993, there were more than 2,000 murders a year there, compared with under 600 today.  . . . Giuliani changed all that. He marginalized the city's racial arsonists, like Al Sharpton, by simply ignoring them and refusing to reward them for disturbances and threats. He ended Mafia control of the Fulton Fish Market and the private trash-hauling industry, two achievements long regarded by nearly everyone in New York as impossible. . . . Nationally, crime fell just 5 percent between 1993 and 1996, while dropping 35 percent in New York.  . . . The old order still snipes at Giuliani and refers to him as Mussolini, but he was an inspiring figure even before 9/11, and certainly after.

How far would such analysis (and reporting!) go with Chi Trib editors?


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