Liberal perspective, part 2

Chi Trib Perspective editor on presenting conservative commentators cheek by jowl with liberal ones:

What you are asking is almost impossible, lining up point-counterpoints on issues.  . . . there isn’t always an available counterpoint . . .  Perspective is one of the most popular sections of the Sunday paper because (a) people agree strongly with what it says and (b) people disagree strongly with what it says.

But you could double both pleasure and fun if you also had conservatives agreeing and liberals disagreeing.  On the availability question, for cryin’ out loud, just Google conservative think tank and see what you get.  (Deal Hudson at  thewindow@morleyicc.com would be a natural as counterpoint to Bob McClory in re: the pope, for instance.)  Indeed, #3 Daughter has come to me for names on issues to be discussed on the Neil Lehrer call-in show on WNYC-FM, an NPR station.  You call around for ideas.  It’s what producers and editors do.

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cal skinner said...

What about the bias of just refusing to cover subjects? Give me a call and I'll give you the example. I'm in the phone book in Crystal Lake.