Zeroing in

Sun-Times has a bead on Baby Stroger, with (a) this on the 1,300 hires since Daddy got sick and (b) Mark Brown’s column on being Republican in Chicago:

Everybody knows Chicago is a Democratic town, but you forget sometimes just how bleak the landscape can be for Republicans.

My most recent Wednesday Journal column addresses the matter of deciding to vote Republican even if your daddy and other forebears were “Dimmycrats,” to use the Mr. Dooley pronunciation, where I ask:

[H]ow are all you Oak Park and River Forest Democrats doing today, as you face the Ides of November, when Todd Stroger turns up on your ballot? You went big for supposed reformer Claypool in April. What now? There's this guy from Riverside, a supposed reformer, which Todd ain't. You went for supposed reform in April, now you face a stark choice: non-reform or, God save us, a Republican.

It’s not easy,” I say.

Counselling may be in order. "How could you?" a former Democrat was asked by someone near and dear when he said he had become a Republican. If he had said he'd become a Methodist, she would have understood, because we are all ecumenical these days. The best people are.

Oh, the trials of democracy.

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