Being Sneed means you don't have to ask

This from Tony Peraica’s blog is quite good on Sneed:

In a city full of good newspaper columnists - the kind who actually break news - there’s one gossip-hound who traffics in weeks- and months-old “news.”

# Translation: Columns written by Michael Sneed are full of interesting “information,” if by “information” one understands “unverified gossip and news that was old weeks ago, yet is still delivered in a breathless, ‘Ssshhhh! Listen to what I found out!’ tone, as if it were actually NEWS.” Today’s column by Michael Sneed, for instance, includes reference to a year-old endorsement of Tony Peraica by the late Mayor of Westchester, John Sinde. Sneed suggests “we’ll never know” if Sinde actually endorsed Peraica, because he died in 2005. [Not if we never ask]

# The problem: Sneed, as per usual, hasn’t bothered to do her homework. John Sinde endorsed Tony Peraica for Cook County Board President IN APRIL OF LAST YEAR as Tony Peraica kicked off his campaign for Cook County Board President, long before he passed. Tony Peraica was proud to receive that endorsement, and he was proud of his relationship with Sinde. Tony Peraica even sponsored a County Board resolution in memoriam for Sinde.

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