War hell, some warriors more hellish than others

A view from Canada of Israeli-Hezbollah culpability that you don’t run into often enough, including details of Palestinians etc. upping body count with imported corpses: 

On Thursday, Israel apologized for last weekend's bombing of an apartment building in Qana, Lebanon, in which more than two dozen civilians were killed. As a result of faulty military intelligence, Israel believed the building was being used as a "hiding place" for terrorists. In fact, it was a refuge for innocent men, women and children.

But while Israel has admitted its role in these deaths, the terror organization Hezbollah has not. Hezbollah's cowardly practice of hiding behind human shields was the reason the Israel Defense Force (IDF) began bombing Qana in the first place. Since the beginning of this war, Hezbollah has sought to maximize civilian deaths on both sides, not only by firing rockets at the heart of Israeli cities, but also by firing those rockets from inside Lebanese homes and apartment buildings -- thereby ensuring more civilian casualties when Israel protects itself by striking back at the rocket launchers.

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