Wecome back, Barack

Good question if you’re looking for one: To what extent is Sun-Times woman Lynn Sweet and her editors aware of the foto-ops and all-around glowing top-of-line coverage they are providing free of charge to Sen. Barack Obama as he makes his l-o-n-g African junket.  The thing (series) is still going strong today, its — what? 8th day?  9th?  It’s been a long time. 

Thing (point) is, who’s reading it?  It doesn’t matter.  The PICTURES, my friend, are the thing (point).  They are blowin’ in the wind.  Another question: What if one of the crowd stood up and yelled, “Yankee, go home!”  Now that would take this out of the category of a 17th-century “masque” of the sort characterized by the Beaumont and Fletcher character in “The Maid’s Tragedy,” where Lysippus, the king’s brother asks Strato about one being planned.

Lys. Strato, thou hast some skill in poetry: What think’st thou of the masque? Will it be well?

Strat. As well as masque can be.

Lys. As masque can be?

Strat. Yes; they must commend their king, and speak in praise
Of the assembly; bless the bride and bridegroom
In person of some god. They are tied to rules
Of flattery.

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Anonymous said...

The Sun-Times coverage of Obama has been nothing more than puffery. Just as its coverage of Jesse in Syria. When did it become a newspaper's job to supply the publicist for such self-serving trips.