Zorn today

If I had written Chi Trib's Eric Zorn's column today, "Standing up for message behind cartoons," and just before key-clicking it home did a final check, I would have re-cast the part about inking one's thumb after voting -- which does not do justice to the life-and-death Iraq voting climate and the vote's historic significance -- but would have changed nothing else.  I don't want to overdo this, but it's as if Zorn's newspaper career has led to this column, which oh so neatly presents the situation, or state of the question, as we philosophy students used to say, argues it and concludes:
I'm on the side that says if your good ideas can't peacefully win out over my bad ideas, maybe your ideas aren't so good.
I'm on the side that says that any belief worth having-be it love of a country, of a deity, of an ideology or of a person --must be strong enough to absorb criticism and be impervious to mockery.
The column is also posted on his blog site, "Change of Subject," where you can post your own comments.

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