More on Julian who?

Sun-Times runs Julian Bond's comments today (no link available). In his QT column, Zay Smith, who is reliably protective of left-wing Dem interests, pairs Bond with Repub senator Santorum, who likened Dem filibuster tactics to Hitler's in 1942.
Now where in heck did Smith learn that? From timely reports, I'd say, such as have emerged about the Bond speech -- no throwaway line but a whole gosh-darned speech -- nowhere in MSM outlets, at least according to Google.
But hand it to Smith, he dug around and got a Republican who had talked that way, ignoring Dem Sen. Robert Byrd of WV, who on March 1 compared Republican tactics on judicial nominees to Hitler's use of power in Nazi Germany. However, give Smith credit: he's trying to be fair and balanced.

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