Cheney exposed

Was I the only faithful Sun-Times reader to do a double-take (you look once and then right away look again) at the Bobbsey-twin presentation yesterday, page three, under the AP Cheney-got-his-gun story
* Lynn Sweet (lsweet3022@aol.com) oozing irony from every pore with her very smart remarks, as "Hey, heard about cell phones?" when he said no press aide was with him and a closing "Mr. Vice President, you have to ask?" when he asked Brit Hume, "Are they going to take my word for what happened?"
Doug Elfman seeing Cheney in the mold of "an officer in King Louis VVI's court -- proud of a blase disdain for the people he serves" and looking "non-contrite [showing] the sneer.  The chill." 
The issue here is less Sweet's bias in cutesy drag or Elfman's obvious distaste for his subject than editors' placement and featuring of their brief commentaries.  It's the sort of thing that makes an editorial point better than any editorial.  Does Sun-Times have an op-ed page?

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